Hi. I'm Meagan, and I'm a creative.

I say "creative" because it feels like a better catch-all than designer, art director, illustrator, artist, painter, printmaker, etc. Some of us want to do it all, and in this industry, we often need to be a master of many. I am in Madison, Wisconsin and originally, from Rockford, Illinois. I designed my first logo when I was in fourth grade for an environmental center–which is funny because that still speaks to what I want to do. In Rockford, I earned my associate's in graphic arts, focused on printing processes. I've worked in prepress, print design, screen printing, and front end dev. I came to Madison in 2007 and got my Bachelor's in graphic design. I am now situated at S/B Strategic Marketing. When I'm not at work, I like to enjoy other creative outlets, hear music, and get outside.